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There is so much to do at twenty.  She had been contemplating on a mental list of the things that she should accomplish before her next birthday.  A four months or sixteen weeks was her calculation.  Considering her extensive To-Do list and another mental inventory of resources and social connections, she preferred the sound of ‘sixteen weeks’, which had the only advantage of a larger number but not very different in length than ‘four months’.  Both descriptions of duration roughly translated to the same amount of sand in her imaginary hourglass which was almost completely drained.  And yet, she had been sitting there with a hot cup of black coffee in between her hands, at a table outside the café facing the fork of St. Charles and St. Joseph.

It had already been a good thirteen minutes after she placed her order.  Another couple minutes to go through her lists…

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After-thoughts: Cinderella

One does not have to experience incredible kindness in an unkind world in order to be kind to others. We do not have to perpetuate hate when hatred has seeped through the veins of our society. Kindness requires no payment. There is no need of a contract or direct reciprocity. Kindness takes some bravery, an inner strength to sail across an unforgiving sea, to get to the other side where kindness may be direly wanting, despite running the risk of the ship capsizing.

All this time, I’ve always considered myself like Belle the uncanny. But I guess my spirit animal is more like Cinderella the renegade, the secretly idealistic—who cares should society think her an upstart for challenging the norms? What is one night of venturing into the unknown when all the universe has opened the opportunity of an adventure of a lifetime?

Have courage and be kind.